Jeans have been a vital part of men’s wardrobes for decades. Starting out as cheap workwear, they are still unbeatable for comfort, versatility, style and are as hard-wearing as ever. Finding the perfect pair can take time, but here is a guide to help you get started.

Deciding on a pair of jeans means first deciding what you are going to wear them for. If they are for work, you want them to be made from hard-wearing good quality thick denim, if you want a pair for evening wear then you might want to consider a designer pair that have been painted and embellished.

If you are looking for the right shape for you, the most flattering shape on most men is the straight cut. Not only does this help to lengthen the leg, but straight cut jeans are also the most versatile as they can be dressed up or dressed down and still look smart.

Men Jeans

Men Jeans

When it comes to colour and wash, the darker the jeans the more they will go with. Dark washes are also the easiest jeans to dress up for the evening as they blend far better with evening wear than light jean shades do.

Far better for the casual look are the lighter washes. Lighter denim shades look great with trainers and sandals, but not so good with smart footwear. If you want a bleached-up distressed pair of jeans, then lighter shades work better with these styles too.

Jeans now come in more styles and fits than ever before. As many jeans retailers come up with their own names for their particular fits, it can make shopping for the right fit a little confusing! If in doubt, ask the sales assistant for the style that most closely fits the look that you are after.

Whatever store that you go in to, there are 3 styles of jean that you are likely to come across. There is the straight cut, and the casual cut, which is still cut with a straight leg, but fits a little looser. Lastly there is the boot cut, which flares slightly at the bottom of the leg for a neater fit over shoes and boots.

You will only ever know if a pair of jeans is perfect for you once you have tried them on. They should create a good shape, fit comfortably around your stomach and hips, and be comfortable to sit down in as well as walk around in, and should not be too loose around the hips either.


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